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The benefits of walking

Good things that happen when you walk every day

Walking has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. It is one of the best ways to maintain healthy […]

The power of affirmations

The power of affirmations

The power of our thoughts is undeniable. Every person has thousands of thoughts daily and about 80% of them are […]


How to build self-confidence?

Self-confidence is an important part of everyone’s life. A self-confident person loves himself, thinks positively about the future and is […]

Manage stress

Ways to manage stress

All people experience stress in their lives. It causes the majority of health problems, so you should understand how stress […]

Ways to improve emotional intelligence

9 ways to improve emotional intelligence

We can control only three things in life: our behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Feelings are the most important as they […]

Small wins

The power of small wins

Most of us tend to celebrate big achievements and milestones but overlook small wins. However, small victories often make the […]

Ways to stay focused

Ways to stay focused

Staying focused can be very challenging, especially when you are surrounded by constant distraction. Even if you are alone, social […]

Best ways to burn fat

Best ways to burn fat

It is so easy to gain weight and so hard to get rid of it. Whether you want to improve […]

healthy habits

Healthy habits to help you live longer

Many people believe that life expectancy mostly depends on genetics. However, it turns out that lifestyle and diet choices play […]

Ways to find motivation

Simple ways to find motivation

Last year was tough for the majority of us and we were all very happy that 2020 finally finished. But […]