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Ways to find motivation

Simple ways to find motivation

Last year was tough for the majority of us and we were all very happy that 2020 finally finished. But […]

Cigars and cocktails

Cigars and cocktails pairing guide

As many of you know, the best drinks to pair with cigars are whisky, rum, bourbon and cognac. However, many […]

British style

The gentleman’s guide to British style

British men have always been famous for their iconic style. Benedict Cumberbatch, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Gary Grant are the […]

The cardigan guide

The cardigan guide

The Cardigan was named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British officer who popularized the style. Nowadays it is […]

Romanov Cigar Lounge in Moscow

Romanov Cigar Lounge in Moscow

Millions of cigars are sold in Moscow every year to many businessmen and cigar lovers and the number is constantly […]

6 ways to improve your sleep

6 ways to improve your sleep

Sleeping is very important for both physical and mental health. If you don’t sleep enough, it can cause a lack […]

How to combine boots and shoes with a suit

How to combine boots and shoes with a business suit

Probably you wear a suit to work every day and combine it with black or brown oxfords all the time. […]

Keto diet COVID

Could the keto diet help mitigate severe COVID-19?

As you already know, some groups of people are more likely to get severe complications from coronavirus. These groups include […]

How to wear derby shoes

How to wear derby shoes

Every gentleman should have a nice pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe. The most popular dress shoes are Oxfords […]

How to choose a humido

6 tips on how to choose the right humidor

Humidors are essential for all cigar lovers as they help keep cigars in good condition for many years. You can […]