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How to choose a cigar

As some of you know I am a real cigar-lover. I started smoking cigars when I was 20, they were […]

immune system

How to boost your immune system

Your immune system plays one of the most important roles in your life – it defends you from viruses and […]

oxford shoes

How to wear Oxford shoes?

Oxfords are the basic dress shoes every man should have in his wardrobe and are my favorite out of all. […]

covid and cigar

Does smoking protect against Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is something we hear about every day. There are many opinions about the medication that can help in this […]

How to wear boat shoes?

Initially boat shoes were designed for sailors to avoid slipping on the boat deck. But soon other people also noticed […]

How to wear a Blazer

How to wear a Blazer

Style is very important for a businessman. First of all, you want to choose outfit you like and look good […]

Keto Diet

How I lost 77 pounds in 6 months on the Keto Diet

When I look at the pictures of myself taken 6 months ago and now, I see two completely different people.The […]

favorite places in Moscow

My favorite places in Moscow

Being a frequent traveller for business, I have visited a vast array of cities across the globe. Despite travelling for […]