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“The last decade of my life have been spent gathering business experience, professional qualifications and in-depth knowledge of the entire lifecycle of a Fintech Company. I am an enthusiastic business executive, fintecher, with cognate experience in the financial business world. During the years of occupying top managerial positions, I have been exposed to the various levels of business and have acquired diverse skills and qualifications that I want to share with you. Setting up a Fintech Company or start any Business Activity has to be done properly if you wish to archive the goals, and I’m here to help you to succeed.”

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola

I have achieved many goals in my life, know a lot about business and would gladly help you with any problem you have. I am ready to share all the knowledge, experience and tips with you. There is no universal tutorial, I always adapt the information for every client. I have very rich experience in business and tried many different approaches and tools in my practice, so I will give you only the ones which really worked for me and for sure will work for you.

I have been dealing with bonds issuing and listing, financial licences processing (API, PSP, E-money, Forex, Investment Manager, Asset Management, Credit and Insurance Broker, Hedge Funds, Cryptocurrency Exchange and Money Remittance) and wealth management in different jurisdictions such as UK, USA, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, UAE, Qatar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, Panama, BVI and Bahamas for more than 15 years!

Which Legal and Corporate issues do I need to consider when applying for a licence in a specific jurisdiction?

Operating a regulated business always involves a lot of steps and it can become a challenge for entrepreneurs, especially for those who do it for the first time.

In my humble opinion legal issues which need to be considered by companies when applying for a financial licence are:

  1. Corporate structure;
  2. Tax regime and taxes treaties;
  3. Intellectual property rights;
  4. Data protection;
  5. Employment Law;
  6. Trading Law and regulation (Fintech
  7. Services are usually heavily regulated).

Unlike others lawyers and accountants who focus on theory, I’ve done most of the stuff I’m talking about for myself and I know what works – and what doesn’t – in the real world and I can help you to explore the legal issues discusses above in the following jurisdictions:

London, UK

Payment Institution Licence in the UK

To provide payment services as a payment institution in the UK, you must be registered or authorised by FCA. One major decision to make when applying for a Payment Institution Licence in the UK is to select the best type of licence between Authorized Payment Institution (API) or Small Payment Institution (SPI) or Electronic Money Institution License (EMI) or Small Electronic Money Institution (SEMI).

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New regulatory powers were introduced to allow FCA on the Uk to supervise how cryptoasset businesses manage the risk of money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. Now, UK cryptoasset businesses must comply with the Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) and register with FCA

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The MLRO is a nominated officer who provides oversight for AML activities and acts as a point of contact for any related enquiries. ​We can act as MLRO to operations around the globe.

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Providers who wish to offer crypto assets within the UAE must be licensed by the SCA. As a part of that process, applicants must demonstrate strict compliance with UAE's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, cyber security compliance standards and data protection regulations.

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Wyoming is the leading state for the cryptocurrency industry in the USA, with a friendly regulatory system designed to attract worldwide crypto-businesses.

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In Hong Kong, any person who intends to carry out money services must apply for a money services operator (MSO) licence from the Customs and Excise Department (CED) under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance.

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Currently there is no specific legislation aimed at restricting cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong but the SFC regulates anyone involved in trading of cryptocurrencies that fall within the SFO definition of either securities or futures contracts by requiring them to be licensed.

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Payment service providers are licensed by MAS to provide specified payment services under the PS Act. Payment systems facilitate the transfer of funds between or among participants and may be designated under the PS Act for closer supervision.

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crypto exchanges


Those who operate the exchange of cryptocurrencies shall obtain license in Singapore. Furthermore, if the company deals with cryptocurrencies that may be classified as securities, such entities shall entail license of stock exchange.

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If you are looking for the lowest possible entry point for authorised Cryptocurrency Payment Provider with easy and practical requirements, probably you should consider Estonia.

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What are crypto derivatives


If you are looking for the lowest possible entry point for authorised Cryptocurrency Payment Provider in Europe with easy and practical requirements, probably you should consider Lithuania

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If you are looking for a Generic Prepaid Card Program for your customers or members, or for a Virtual Card Program to offer your customers a Virtual Card that could be used as a payout method for their rewards. There are many options available.

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Authorised Payment Institution
Structure your ICO


An Initial Coin Offering or ICO is an unregulated means through which a start-up company uses to raise funds they require to start, develop, or complete its cryptocurrency or blockchain based software projects, thereby rigorous, regulated, and often difficult processes such company would have gone through if they were to raise such funds through banks or venture capital investors.

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You can make your own cryptocurrency. Usually creating a new coin or token requires some computer coding expertise, but you also can choose to hire us to create a digital currency for you.

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Create crypto company


I dare to say that there are a lot of jurisdictions that can be attractive (USA, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Hong Kong) for investment funds but Bahamas, Cayman and Luxembourg as one of prestigious will likely prevail. Every jurisdiction from the above-mentioned has it’s own benefits and advantages.

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Offshore bank licenses started to be popular again from 2016. If you are looking for the lowest possible entry point for an offshore bank licence with lower capital requirements, crypto friendly and lower government fees, Dominica is really the only option that come to my mind and that fit these criteria.

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Bank licence

If you already know the business structure you will need and the best jurisdiction for you, fill in the following form and one of our Team Members will get you a bespoke quote.


    Are you tired of looking for the best solution for your business?

    A one-on-one relationship with someone who can advise your company can make a significant difference in your business success.

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    During the call (up to 120 min) we will:

    • Get acquainted, analyse your business model;
    • Find out what works for you;
    • Develop a strategy to let you succeed in the shortest time possible;
    • Draw up an action plan and how to get your business licensed;
    • Evaluate how to develop your business idea and evaluate your target markets;
    • Evaluate all the fiscal and legal issues in the chosen jurisdiction.

    After the call you will get an email with a comprehensive quote and a step-by-step road map.

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    How Can I Help you?

    Unlike lawyers and accountants who focus on theory, I’ve done most of the stuff I’m talking about for myself and I know what works – and what doesn’t – in the real world.

    Working as CEO of Astorts Group since 2010, my team and I have received many inquiries and helped hundreds of clients to find a cost effective way to obtain a forex licence, a great jurisdiction to set up an import/export company, an easy and cost effective way to set up an Hedge Fund, a great jurisdiction to have an holding company or to open an offshore bank account, a crypto friendly jurisdiction to launch your crypto project or register a crypto exchange, a cost effective way to obtain a Payment Service Provider Licence, a cost effective way to advertise and export a product into an emerging markets like Russia, China, South-East Asia or South America, a way to finance a startup or to apply for an European Regional Funds.

    My main focus is all about getting you across the “finish line” as easily as possible, so you will leverage my network and my experience to successfully get where you wanted.

    Take your chance to learn from who have done most of the stuff he is talking about for himself and he knows what works – and what doesn’t – in the real world.

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    Why to entrust Alex?

    Alex is an entrepreneur, fintecher, investor, blogger and author based in London and operating mainly in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

    London Sydney New York
    Alex is an UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and NZ FSPR (Financial Service Provider Register) Approved Person and has great experience as director of regulated companies.
    Alex uses to dedicate part of his life to inspire others and help them achieve the most out of their lives.

    Since he was 20, he had successfully founded and managed several companies operating in the field of management consulting, wealth management and fintech.

    Alex is Member of Institute of Directors in London, Member of Changer Club in Riga, Member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Member of Singapore Fintech Association, Member of Non Executive Director Association in London and Member of Alumni Network of Draper University in San Francisco.