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Best sunglasses

Best sunglasses for Summer 2021

Sunglasses are necessary all year long. Of course, people mostly use them in summer, but our eyes need the UV […]

Space-saving packing tips

Space-saving packing tips for men

Whether you are trying to pack light or are simply attempting to fit everything you need, the space-saving tips will […]

Essential ties

The Blazer Guide

Every man should have a small collection of blazers in his wardrobe, they work great for many different occasions. However, […]

Business dinner etiquette

Business dinner etuqiette

Throughout your career, you may need to attend many business dinners for different reasons. Business dinners give us opportunities for […]

Essential ties

10 essential ties every man should own

When it comes to accessorizing office outfits, men don’t have a lot of options. Typical men’s accessories are watches, lapel […]

British style

The gentleman’s guide to British style

British men have always been famous for their iconic style. Benedict Cumberbatch, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Gary Grant are the […]

The cardigan guide

The cardigan guide

The Cardigan was named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British officer who popularized the style. Nowadays it is […]

How to combine boots and shoes with a suit

How to combine boots and shoes with a business suit

Probably you wear a suit to work every day and combine it with black or brown oxfords all the time. […]

How to wear derby shoes

How to wear derby shoes

Every gentleman should have a nice pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe. The most popular dress shoes are Oxfords […]

Best winter coats

Best winter coats for men

Winter is coming and it is very important to be fully prepared for it. Good boots, thermal gloves, nice scarf, […]