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Summer pieces every gentleman should have

Summer pieces

Figuring out what to wear might be very challenging, specially if it is too hot outside. That is why every gentleman should have the right summer clothing in his wardrobe.

A nice collection of summer items will take some of the heat off, literally and figuratively. You will easily create outfits, in which you can stay comfortable and cool all day long. In this article, I want to tell you about some versatile summer garments that can be mixed and matched in numerous combinations.

A white T-shirt

One of the most stylish, practical and versatile garments. Every man should have a crisp and well-fitted one in his wardrobe. A white T-shirt is a foundation on which you can build any summer look. For a breezy and casual outfit, wear your T-shirt with a pair of loose-fitting shorts. If you want to smart up your look a bit, tuck it into a pair of tailored linen trousers.

Summer pieces

A linen shirt

Linen is the best fabric for summer as it is very lightweight and breathable. It is incredibly soft and very effective at absorbing perspiration. On hot days, opt for linen instead of cotton. Don’t worry about wrinkles – it is a part of the charm. If you are going to be near sand or water – linen is a perfect choice.

You should get a shirt in a looser fit to make the air circulate. It is absolutely fine to wear a linen shirt untucked over chinos, jeans or shorts. However, you should make sure your shirt is a little shorter than an ordinary business shirt. When it comes to colours, the most common and my favourite are white and light blue. At the same time, many people prefer bright and bold colours, which can add some vibrancy to the look.

A polo shirt

A polo shirt is something between a shirt and a T-shirt. It is one of the classic garments that work great for men of all ages.  Get one in a less traditional fabric and you will bring it up to date. Polo shirts pair well with both neutral trousers and swim shorts.

Summer pieces


Picking the perfect pair of trousers for the summer outfit might be challenging. Shorts are too casual for many occasions, jeans are too hot and wool dress pants are obviously out of the question. Fortunately, we have chinos. They are very lightweight and go well with almost anything. You can wear chinos with a shirt and oxfords to the office, or dress them down with a t-shirt and boat shoes. Chinos come in a wide variety of colours and are very versatile. Having a few pairs of stylish chinos, you can get dressed for any occasion this summer.

Linen-cotton trousers

Avoid dark denim during the summer and opt for lighter and more breathable trousers instead. Linen cotton blend is the best option, as it doesn’t wrinkle as easily as pure linen. If the dress code allows, you can wear such trousers even to the office. Wear them with a nice polo shirt and tan boat shoes.

Chino shorts

Another summer wardrobe staple. It comes in a variety of colours and can work well for many summer occasions. For relaxed weekends, choose longer and looser styles. If you are planning to visit a smarter event, wear tailored-fit shorts in navy with a linen shirt and blazer.

How to wear a suit in summer


Loafers are perfect for summer as they are very simple, stylish and comfortable. These shoes look great with many different outfits. The style and shape of loafers make them quite versatile so you can wear these shoes from day to night and easily pair them with both trousers and shorts. Keep leather shoes for winter and autumn and get suede loafers. Suede is usually thinner than leather and consequently, suede loafers are much more breathable. Loafers are the best business casual summer shoes.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes have their own distinctive style and add class to any outfit. Wear them to pool parties, picnics, dates, outdoor activities, beachside events, rooftop bars. Boat shoes pair really well with lightweight pants and shorts. They are perfect for summer and will always keep your feet cool.

Summer pieces


You only have one set of eyes, so you should always protect them and get only high-quality sunglasses. Whether you are going to have lunch with your friends or need to visit an outdoor summer function, sunglasses are necessary. There are plenty of modern and old school options that look incredibly stylish.

Invisible socks

Baring your ankles will help you cool off in the heat. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear socks at all. Invisible socks will give you extra grip and help avoid sweaty feet. The best choice here is socks that are designed for heavy-duty sports as they are very absorbent and lightweight.

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