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Best summer trousers for men

Best summer trousers

Some days in summer can be very hot, but, unfortunately, shorts are not always an option. At the same time, finding a pair of trousers that has the perfect balance of durability, comfort and good looks might be challenging. The right pair should flatter you, keep cool in hot weather and work well for many occasions. In this article, I want to tell you about the best styles of trousers for summer.

Best fabric choices for summer trousers


Simple, stylish and timeless option.  Linen is breathable and durable at the same time, it will keep you nice and breezy. The only disadvantage is that linen wrinkles easily. Many people consider it as too informal for the office. However, wrinkling is a sign of high-quality linen. Cheaper linen is usually stiffer.

Linen blend

Typically, it is a blend of linen and cotton or linen and rayon. Such fabric is softer and won’t wrinkle as easily as pure linen, but still can keep you cool.

Best summer trousers


Simple and breathable material, which can be found in a wide range of styles. It is good if it is woven loosely. When the weave is too tight, the fabric is more like denim.


Twill trousers are closer to denim, but still quite light. Twill is a kind of cotton, which is thicker. It is the best choice for late spring or early autumn when the cool air is still there.


Everyone knows that wool is very warm. However, tropical wool works great for hot weather. It features an open plain weave, which is lightweight yet durable. It is not a soft fabric so it has structure.

Best summer trousers

Best colours

In summer, you should add some patterns and colours to your look. You can wear some bright trousers or opt for such neutral colours as light grey, light brown, light olive or blue. The best colour combinations complement each other. Avoid intense and dark colours, such as black or deep purple.

As for patterns, those that contain summer colours are the best.

Best fit

Generally, you should always get clothes that fit you perfectly. However, summer is the time when you can forget about the “perfect” fit and loosen it up a bit. This way, the air will circulate better and your skin will breathe. Try straight or fuller cut trousers. You should look for a relaxed cut, it is different from sizing up. Relaxed cuts are roomier, but they fit properly where it is needed. If you size up, the size grows equally in all areas and such trousers may be too long for you.

Best summer trousers

Best trousers for summer


When it is too warm to wear a full suit, opt for chinos. They work great for many occasions, you can easily dress them up or down. Every man should have chinos in his wardrobe as they are more versatile than any other kind of trousers and come in a wide range of colours. You can go for classic khaki or navy pair for the office or choose a white pair for a summer party. Get a couple of stylish chinos and you will be ready for any occasion in summer while staying comfortable and cool. If you want to dress your chinos down, just cuff them and put on a pair of loafers or espadrilles with invisible socks or without socks at all.

Tailored fit trousers

Tailored fit trousers are a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple. They are something in between the slim fit and the traditional fit. Such trousers offer more fabric so they are not as close to the body as the slim fit pants are. Unlike jeans or chinos, they come in many different summer-friendly fabrics. Opt for linen or linen-cotton trousers. You can easily dress them up and down as well. If the trousers are plain, wear a light printed or patterned shirt.

Best summer trousers

Summer ready denim

Light wash jeans will always work great for summer. To avoid overheating, go for lightweight denim. Another good choice is jeans made from organic cotton, which is usually more breathable. Wear your light wash jeans with a contrasting shirt or T-shirt to add some balance to your look.

Pleated trousers

Pleated trousers were very popular in the last century, but now these elegant pants are having mini-renaissance. Typically, they sit a little higher on the waist. This way, pleats hang cleanly and offer more room in the thighs. Such trousers are usually wide-legged, that’s why you should look for a pair with a tapered leg or take the trousers to your tailor and adjust them. A tapered hem gives trousers a more contemporary look. Pleated trousers can have one or two pleats. Single-pleated trousers are often considered neater than double-pleated. So, you choose them if you are looking for more formal pants.

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