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stock change

How did major stocks change after COVID-19?

COVID-19 officially named pandemic drastically changed people life and crushed the world economy. Let’s see how major stocks dynamic of […]

Google is working on their debit card

Competition from fintech firms, bigger expectations from the consumer made firms to integrate new technologies.Fintech world is always looking forward, […]

Google dominance

Google dominance over marketing

Google dominance over the decade was and still is unbeatable. It has been prevalent search engine in the market.With its […]

personal data storage

Dark secrets about your personal data storage in Internet

Nowadays, if you use a smartphone or a credit card, it’s so easy to know if you’re pregnant or trying to lose weight, whether you’re an extrovert, what medicine you take, places you’ve been, your favourite food, etc

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon invest in AI

Big players in the market as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon invest a lot of time and money in AI in order to get a competitive advantage.