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How to launch an e-commerce business

Do you want generate money online and have a great, passive income? Then the idea to build an e-commerce empire would work for you!

Habits of successful entrepeneurs

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and it requires consistent discipline, and confidence in yourself.  I am going to share with you today right principles and implementing it entrepreneurship can convert to the most rewarding job for you!

5 Lessons Golf teaches about how to succeed at your Business

There is a lot you can learn as you play and practice the game of golf. Not only that, the game of golf has certain specific lessons for entrepreneurs who are about to start or are already running a business.

Self-Promoting your business

Self-promotion is the basis for the growth of any business for an entrepreneur. Some people are so poor at promoting their business by themselves.

digital nomad

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

One of the most frequent questions I receive is about how to pick the best location to set up a business and how to benefit from opportunities than an on line business may offer. In asking that question, my followers want to know how they can be location independent entrepreneurs, a solution that works for more and more people lastly: to be a Digital Nomad.

Do you know how outsourcing can speed up your business?

You are an entrepreneur. It is not important either you already have a business or only think about setting a company – the system of your business and the structure of the firm is almost the same. There is some list of people you need to work with you, but it is not a typical team. It should be a team on a distance. Nowadays many companies or individual entrepreneurs prefer to work with freelancers because it is quite convenient and can save you some money. 

What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

Speaking about entrepreneurship many people think that these people do nothing but travel and spend money. Well, if you are an entrepreneur you are really free, you can travel and have some income without sitting in office, but the stereotype that entrepreneurs don’t work is not true.

Why it is important to know the rules of PR?

In our digital age it is quite obvious that if you are an entrepreneur you can’t do well without any knowledge of PR. Publicity is an integral part of each business and all the entrepreneurs should pay attention to it. 

How to grow your business?

To grow your own business you have to do your best and remember about some common mistakes that are usually made by novice entrepreneurs. Let’s find out what should you do to grow your business!

A list of lists

A list of lists