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Keto diet COVID

Could the keto diet help mitigate severe COVID-19?

As you already know, some groups of people are more likely to get severe complications from coronavirus. These groups include […]


Travel companies shares finally increase after announcement on possible COVID vaccine

After the coronavirus pandemic, many industries have fallen as far and as fast as tourism. The crisis hit tourism, including […]


China finally recovers from coronavirus and reports over 3% growth

China reports continuous growth of 3,2% after the pandemic crisis which will have a ripple effect in several other economies […]

Does smoking protect against Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is something we hear about every day. There are many opinions about the medication that can help in this […]

5 tips to stay motivated

Work from home? Here are 5 tips to stay motivated and productive.

New pandemic virus COVID-19 drastically changed our lives, society, mindset.More than one-quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people are now […]

7 fun and productive ways to survive the boredom of isolation

New pandemic virus COVID-19 drastically changed our lives, society, mindset.Within several months it turned people’s life upside down and made […]

Actions of world known millionaires in the response to coronavirus

Without a doubt the consequences of COVID-19, new pandemic coronavirus, are devastating.People, companies and businesses suffering all over the globe. […]

Coronavirus and Travel industry. What will happen after?

Everyone is concerned about one common problem right now. Without a doubt, COVID-19 officially named pandemic by WHO affected all […]

coronavirus in China

Is coronavirus an end to China Global Era? Who will be a new player?

China was known for its financial dominance over the decades. It was the largest manufacturer of products and goods over 30 […]