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Canva raises another $ 85 million investment

Australian photo bank and editor Canva has raised another $ 85 million in an estimated $ 3.2 billion.Rowe Price and […]


What is Square, Inc?

Today it is difficult to imagine online transfers without PayPal or Webmoney. These systems have strong competitors in the market, […]


What does an investor look for when evaluating a startup?

How to find an investor in a startup? What does an investor look for when looking for a company for […]

5 things for business

5 things you have to know if you want to launch a business soon

If you are going to launch a new business soon or have an idea of your startup, then read this […]

5 mistakes startup entrepreneurs make

Lately Facebook announced about issuance of its own cryptocurrency.

digital nomad

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

One of the most frequent questions I receive is about how to pick the best location to set up a business and how to benefit from opportunities than an on line business may offer. In asking that question, my followers want to know how they can be location independent entrepreneurs, a solution that works for more and more people lastly: to be a Digital Nomad.

4 key steps to make your start-up developing

You stopped doubting and decided to set up your own company. Of course it is not an easy thing. You have a good idea, you have a great team, some goals and even new clients. Obviously you will not become a millionaire in one day, so you have to do something to make your business grow. It is very important because if it is not growing it is close to fail.

Why if you are not doing business with Russia you should consider starting soon?

Irrespective of the past, Russia is finally on its way to tap the potential that its markets and unique customer segments has to offer.

6 Businesses that can be started for less than £1000

6 Businesses that can be started for less than £1000.