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Employee Retention tactics

Employee retention strategy should be every organization’s list of top priorities and creating effective retention strategies to decrease turnover should be one of management’s most important jobs.

5 ways to get cash flow into your business

If your customers are slow payers and you want to prevent all problem this may cause you – here are some tips that help you to manage the cash flow in your business.

What kind of leader are you today or are you aspiring to be?

There are more traits that employees value in great leaders and the beauty is that most can be developed with time and determination to become better.

A way to success

I already wrote an article about what is it to be an entrepreneur and now I would like to talk about success in general. A lot of successful entrepreneurs, owners of some small business or chairmen of big international corporations, usually give some advice to public. Everybody wants to know what is the secret of success and how to become a winner, but actually all the things entrepreneurs share with audience are quite obvious and each person can learn these skills.