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How effective are your Facebook /Instagram ads?

Regardless of how much you like your Facebook ad, you need to constantly analyze it in order to make corrections. […]

Facebook ads

How to advertise on Facebook? Basic Facebook Ads Guide

If you want to increase your sales, Facebook Ads is just for you! It is great for your budget, conversion […]

New gaming app from Facebook

Due to crown epidemic the stocks of tech giant players in the market had been falling over the past months. […]

Actions of world known millionaires in the response to coronavirus

Without a doubt the consequences of COVID-19, new pandemic coronavirus, are devastating.People, companies and businesses suffering all over the globe. […]

Why does Facebook announce Libra cryptocurrency now?

Recently we’ve found out that Facebook has already announced it beforehand and there are several reasons to it. Let’s have a proper look on them.

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon invest in AI

Big players in the market as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon invest a lot of time and money in AI in order to get a competitive advantage.