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Top email marketing services. Review

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Email marketing is a powerful tool for any marketer that is guaranteed to increase the sales of any business if done correctly!

Read my article for an overview of the best email marketing services.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any marketer that is guaranteed to increase the sales of any business if done correctly!

Read my article for an overview of the best email marketing services.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any marketer that is guaranteed to increase the sales of any business if done correctly!

Read my article for an overview of the best email marketing services.


Ideal for: projects, small and medium businesses for simple tasks.

Key features

-Results-based automation

Trigger letters, automation with scripts consisting of "actions", "nodes" (checks and analysis) and "result" (success or failure).

-Summary reports on sent emails

With their help, you can monitor audience activity by examining different types of letters separately.

-Segmentation by user activity

This is not a unique feature, it is also in other services, but there is a personal rating of users, which is formed by their activity.


A very popular service, but with limited segmentation and automation capabilities.


Ideal for: online stores and marketplaces.

Key features

-The strongest analytics among other services in this review

Manual mails are analyzed separately, trigger mails are analyzed separately. The same is in Mailchimp, but in Unisender for example it is difficult to see statistics for all trigger letters of the same type.

ESputnik reports allow you to understand if something is wrong with an email. Domain statistics will show if you are in spam, even without contacting PostMaster.

Unlike other services, here you can track not only the effectiveness of mails in dynamics, but also the state of the contact base, see how fast it is growing, from which sources it is replenished, you can see the dynamics of the growth of individual groups and much more.

An additional bonus is the integration with BigQuery for generating custom reports.

-Flexible segmentation

A huge number of conditions and only three types of groups allow you to create any combinations you want. The most popular in ecommerce is RFM matrix segmentation. For example, you can create a group "Customers with more than 10 purchases, with an average check of $ 100, who made their last purchase 30 days ago."

Segmentation is probably eSputnik's greatest strength.

-Flexible automation

Despite the fact that the service is not integrated with almost any CRM / CMS platform, its API allows you to solve any marketing tasks.

-Solutions for online stores

Due to the fact that the service is focused on ecommerce, it offers ready-made solutions that online stores need: abandoned carts and views, product recommendations, reactivation trigger messages, integration with the order database, and much more.


In the interface, you can also customize the responsive design and change the layout of the letter for mobile phones.

The only drawback of the eSputnik editor is that due to the large number of options in the interface, the letter weighs quite a lot and sometimes you need to manually delete the extra code.


Ideal for: projects, small businesses.

Key features.

-Automation based on marketing tasks

Those who are not very friendly with programming will easily figure out how it works, since different tasks here are united by logical blocks. For example:

Simple chains triggered by certain types of triggers are very easy to create and edit. In analytics, you see statistics not only for individual trigger emails, but for the entire chain.

-Integration with a large number of platforms

Since the service is a world leader, most companies integrate with it on their own.

-Tracking goals

This is a really valuable report, which is not available, for example, in eSputnik. The feature is called Analytics360 and is only available for pro accounts. With its help, you can track conversions, income, achieved goals, calculate ROI.

-Manual customization of everything related to subscription forms

You can adjust manually forms and pages of subscriptions, unsubscriptions, data updates, popups and static forms will look. Easily install the generated code on the site.


It is very difficult to manipulate groups without doubling the size of your tariff plan. Not to mention that if one user is on three different lists, in order to leave the base, he will have to unsubscribe from all three.


For beginners, this is a great choice. Pro functionality is good, but there are more affordable and universal solutions on the market.


Ideal for: educational platforms, info-business, b2b.

-Integrated marketing tools

Getresponse has a webinar platform, a poll creation service.

The CRM tab is another godsend for those who work with small subscriber bases and long lead times. This functionality finally determined the audience that the service is targeting.


There are really a lot of templates. You don't need to figure out how chains work to achieve certain goals - just go and use them.

-RSS feeds

If you have a regularly updated blog, using the RSS module, you can configure the sending of the digest with a specified regularity according to a specified template to a specified group of recipients. There is a similar one in MailChimp and Unisender.

-User scoring and tagging

For any action you choose, assign points to the user. This segmentation can be used to create more personalized chains. Likewise with tags. Tag users with special tags and change communication with them.


From a once-ordinary email marketing service, Getresponse has evolved into a dedicated, unified e-CRM platform. It has everything that informational, educational projects, some types of b2b business may need.


Ideal for: small and medium-sized businesses.

-Custom subscription forms for push messages

Multichannel is one of the features of the service. You can use not only email, but also sms, push, viber communication channels.

The disadvantage is that all of these channels cannot be combined in one scenario. Each of them needs to use its own automation.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a service-provided solution for sending transactional messages.

Reliable servers, dedicated IP addresses, SPF and DKIM records increase the likelihood that your emails will not end up in spam.


The service is great for simple tasks, there is nothing superfluous in the interface, it is easy for a beginner to understand. But there is practically no segmentation, the functionality is weak for medium and large businesses.

I hope that my review of the email marketing service was helpful to you. I will be happy to answer your questions or submit your project to my team at Astorts Group for further evaluation.

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