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The end of King Dollar? The forces at play in de-dollarisation

The dollar has been the dominant global reserve currency for decades. However, in recent years, there has been growing discussion […]

Why relocate to Dubai and Set up a Business in 2023?

Dubai is a thriving city with an impressive future. With rapid growth and a booming economy, Dubai is well on […]

What Does Future Hold for Metaverse Tokens?

Metaverse is one of most discussed topic in fintech world and the cryptocurrency space and it became obvious that there […]

How to get a crypto license in the UK?

The phenomenal rise in the price of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the UK has generated huge demand that […]

What companies will be involved in metaverse?

The concept of metaverse gained its popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic as restriction measures shifted things from offline to online […]


NFT tokens: what they are and how they work?

NFT is a relatively new phenomenon that, however, is increasingly making headlines.The main difference between these digital assets and regular […]

The 5 best countries in Europe for founders and startups

The 5 best countries in Europe for founders and startups

Registration of your startup in developed countries is a great opportunity to gain access to the international financial market. If […]

new eco-friendly competitor

Is chia coin a new eco-friendly competitor for bitcoin?

In the global crypto community, the new cryptocurrency Chia Coin popularity is growing. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are mined […]

China’s economy grows

China’s economy grows in post-Covid comeback

Against the background of growing interest in the Chinese market, over the past year, investments of global investors in Chinese […]

Sleeping bitcoins

Sleeping bitcoins and who is behind it?

What are inactive bitcoins? Why are we seeing their activation and does its moving mean getting early investors out of […]