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How to earn in cryptocurrency industry

cryptocurrency industry

If you are looking for working opportunities in the crypto world then read my article and you will discover many ways to earn money


To start you can consider articles writing about bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general. As not many people have this special knowledge, good copywriters will always be valuable.

Google traces the authors and ranks them. It checks if any of the top authors work for the website and alter the site ranking.

If you want to write without following the general rules, consider joining projects like Steem or Those are blockchain-based blogging platforms that have a system of community funding. Users tip the author using an internal wallet and a feature button under each piece. If your posts gain much appreciation, you could make up to $200 per piece,

Mining bitcoins

By solving mathematical puzzles, you can even mine bitcoins. The big disadvantage is that It requires investment in mining equipment, which is a kind of tricky game not for everybody.

Apart from it you will have to pay for own electricity, dry air, and ventilation systems.

You can consider opportunity to join bitcoin mining pools to share these costs, but they charge commission which decrease significantly your income.


Developers are apparently the most needed people in the crypto world. There are many financial apps based on blockchain mechanism and if you have the skills, you definitely have to do it, including complex software for cryptocurrency wallets, or start with browser apps, and even hardware wallets. Many of the wallets feature a possibility to create third-party plug-ins.

Crypto trading

If you are familiar with some classic basics about Forex trading, you can consider crypto trading as there are a lot of things in common. Cryptocurrency investment has been an irreversible trend. It requires strategy, knowledge, news monitoring but if you do it wisely you can make a huge profit.

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Bitcoin casinos

Gambling in Bitcoin casinos is another risky way to earn money. Usually these casinos have in-house wallet, where they transfer you the profit, once received you can transfer it to your personal account, Zero fees, fast, anonymous transactions are some advantages of these casinos. But…very risky for my point of view. What do you think?

Affiliate programs

Bringing customers through affiliate links is another way to earn money with bitcoin. There are Bitcoin exchanges, products and services that searching for affiliate partners. One of the ways to promote this link is to set up your own website.

I hope that my article will be helpful and give fresh ideas to you. I will be happy to answer your questions or submit your project to my team at Astorts Group for further evaluation.

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