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new eco-friendly competitor

Is chia coin a new eco-friendly competitor for bitcoin?

In the global crypto community, the new cryptocurrency Chia Coin popularity is growing. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are mined […]

The Worst Mistakes

The Worst Mistakes Bitcoin Buyers Make

Ignorance of the nuances of working with the crypto market can lead to a loss of funds. How to protect […]

Four ways to get 1 bitcoin

Four ways to get 1 bitcoin in 2021

There are many ways to increase your savings using Bitcoin and other digital assets. For example, doing mining and other […]

Why bitcoin fell and what will happen to cryptocurrency next?

After a significant drop in bitcoin, the entire crypto community is concerned about the only question: what caused its sharp […]

Island and boad

Bequia – the new Bitcoin island

Caribbean residents will be able to conduct local transactions using Bitcoin.There have been new advances in the cryptocurrency world. As […]

USA map

Will Biden election be good for Bitcoin?

Have you wondered how the 2020 U.S. presidential election will shape crypto industry? Then read my article and you will […]


Why did Bitcoin rise in price? Main reasons explained

The price of bitcoin is constantly growing. And recently it has reached the new maximum of $ 16,000. Let’s analyze […]


How does China use blockchain?

We are moving towards decentralized financial system and blockchain trend is very popular among many countries. Let’s see on China […]

cryptocurrency industry

How to earn in cryptocurrency industry

If you are looking for working opportunities in the crypto world then read my article and you will discover many […]

Bitcoin Halving explained

Meanwhile the whole world is discussing consequences of sanitary crisis and economic crash due to COVID-19 officially declared pandemic by […]