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Why cigars and champagne go well together

Many cigar lovers prefer to pair their cigars with such spirits as rum, cognac, whiskey etc. However, some people consider […]

Premium cigars

What is special about premium cigars?

If you ask an average person about what is the difference between a premium cigar and an ordinary machine-pressed one, […]

How cigars are made

How cigars are made: Cuban, Dominican, Nicaraguan tobacco

Initially, Cuba was the main source of tobacco. Nowadays, it is cultivated in many other countries as well. As some […]

Develop cigar palate

Tips on developing your cigar palate

It is great if you have found the brand and blend you love and stick to it. However, you should […]

Things every cigar smoker

Things every cigar smoker should know

As many of you know, I am a big fan of cigars. I enjoy smoking a good Cuban or Dominican […]

Cigars and cocktails

Cigars and cocktails pairing guide

As many of you know, the best drinks to pair with cigars are whisky, rum, bourbon and cognac. However, many […]

Romanov Cigar Lounge in Moscow

Romanov Cigar Lounge in Moscow

Millions of cigars are sold in Moscow every year to many businessmen and cigar lovers and the number is constantly […]