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AIDA Marketing Model: How To Apply It And Drive Results

Is your business goal to sell your products or services in more profitable way? Have you heard of the AIDA marketing model? Today I share with you tips how to turn visitors into buyers using this model.

Using the AIDA model, you can sell anything you want, even those products that are not in demand.

AIDA is a classic hidden management scheme for the presentation of goods in marketing, advertising, and sales. AIDA - stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Attention and interest cause a desire to get acquainted with goods, desire to possess is a reflection of the emotional state of the client, and the action - as a result - the sequence of actions of two participants in the process: seller and buyer. If there is no help from the seller, the buyer, having a desire, will not always take a purchase action. He needs help.

This model is built on basic psychological techniques that apply to all of us.

The model is universal, and it can be used everywhere, in an advertising bouquet, your Instagram account, landing page, retail business, telephone conversation.

Our task is to create excellent conditions for the client to go through all the stages from beginning to end. The most important thing is not to change the order. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Let’s analyze each stage separately

1. Attention

If you grab the attention of your potential buyer, you have already done half the job, because nowadays, during the “advertising blindness” it is very difficult.

Therefore, be creative, give useful content, play with color schemes, dynamic elements, unusual shapes, create your own style. The texts go well with catchy headings. For me the most catchy headlines are “Free”, “Gift”, “Take your money”, “Who needs money?”

But such headings as "Attention", "Important" is a little annoying.

2. Interest and its fixation

When the client drew attention to you in the first seconds, he should wake up interest. In the case of text, these are the first paragraphs, the video - the next 10 seconds, etc. Here your client should think «That is what I was looking for a long time, and that was what I needed! »

3. Desire

Attracted attention, there is interest, it is time to move on to the product itself. Try to describe the advantages and benefits (primary and secondary)

Finally, a buyer who is ready to make a purchase needs a light push - a demonstration of your benefits. The more advantages you show, the better. Show originality and think about implicit benefits.

4. Call to action

An action is simple and final stage of the model. It is necessary to highlight what the client needs to do to receive the product - to call, to write, go in.

This formula is 120 years old, and it is still one of the fundamental and basic in the field of marketing. Applying this formula properly means that you have weapons of mass destruction in your hands. Just take and implement with advertising models and strategies and the results will come.

Do you use the AIDA marketing model? Feel free to share it in the comments below! If you have your question, please write it below, I would be glad to answer your questions or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group  to be evaluated.

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is an entrepreneur and investor based in London and operating mainly in Europe, Asia and Oceania with main focus on UK, Baltic Countries, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and New Zealand as area of interest! At the moment is the Ceo of Astorts Group. He is an UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Approved Person and is has great experience as director of regulated companies. He uses to dedicate part of his life to inspire others and help them achieve the most out of their life. Since he was 20, he had successfully founded and managed several companies operating in the field of management consulting, wealth management and fintech. He loves travelling, he is a cigars lover, an amateur golfer and a dapper man.


Please write me an email with your specific case or book a Skype call, my team and I will be more than happy to help you to find the best solution for your business need or to advice and support you to start the new business venture.

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