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How to earn trust if you haven’t got any sale yet

In this article I share my strategies how to earn customer’s trust from the ground up.

You’ve just started online business, everything is prepared, design is finished, all modules are working correctly, every detail is well planned and configurated correctly. You are ready to start to sell, but how to convince your customers to trust you if you have zero sales?

There is no information or customers reviews yet in the Internet about you and your brand, and customer’s trust is the hardest part in any online business… But don’t you worry, even in this situation there is a solution. Let’s have a further look on my top strategies on trust building.

1. Introduce “human” side

For people would be difficult to buy from you as they don’t know you and don’t trust you. To overcome this wall just introduce yourself, show your name, company’s employees, tell your story. It would be much better if in Instagram post you will show your team, post some videos about your history, how did your business start, how the idea was born.

In my opinion, adding a human face to your business and sharing your story, especially difficult moments and crisis will help you to conquest your customer’s trust!

2. Offer free product before considering sales

Whatever you offer on your website it would be always a great idea to offer free samples of your product. For example, if you are promoting an online course, offer to your customers free webinars to earn their trust, download short videos on YouTube about the course. You will invest your time but your efforts will be rewarding if you use such a strategy. If you are an expert in any field you can offer a free consultation, I am sure your customers won’t hesitate to buy from you if the like the consultation. Moreover, thus you show your customers that you are confident in your product. In case if you are promoting products, you can spread free samples to influencers or bloggers to try it and then they do all work for you!

3. Offer various payments methods

Offering your clients different types of payments will help to earn their trust. I always advice to my clients integrate as many payment options as possible because thus you think about customer convenience. The more convenient it is for the customer the better chance he buys from you.

4. Pay attention on customer’s security

Try to highlight all policies such as refund policy, terms of service, confidentiality policy. Don’t leave anything in blank and make links on the footer as well! Thus, you will show to your customers that their better experience is more important than sales for you. Nowadays all popular site constructors offer ready templates that you can use.

Trust is not easy to earn, but I hope you will find these strategies very helpful! Don’t stop to work on the progress and you will see the results very soon!

What do you think about these strategies? Have you ever tried any of these yet? Do you have your personal ideas or thoughts? Don’t be shy to share it with us! If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer it or introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is an entrepreneur and investor based in London and operating mainly in Europe, Asia and Oceania with main focus on UK, Baltic Countries, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and New Zealand as area of interest! At the moment is the Ceo of Astorts Group. He is an UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Approved Person and is has great experience as director of regulated companies. He uses to dedicate part of his life to inspire others and help them achieve the most out of their life. Since he was 20, he had successfully founded and managed several companies operating in the field of management consulting, wealth management and fintech. He loves travelling, he is a cigars lover, an amateur golfer and a dapper man.


Please write me an email with your specific case or book a Skype call, my team and I will be more than happy to help you to find the best solution for your business need or to advice and support you to start the new business venture.

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