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Top most unsuccessful Amazon projects

The giant Amazon (, Inc.) is the world’s largest e-commerce and public cloud company by revenue and market capitalization, with a turnover of $ 386 billion. On the road to success, Amazon has launched numerous unsuccessful projects. According to the head of the company Jeff Bezos, failures and mistakes, even at a cost of billions of dollars, are essential steps on the path to success. Read in my article a list of the most failed projects from Amazon.


The Fire phone was presented in a smartphone form factor in June 2014. However, it received negative reviews for its lack of basic features and high price, after which Amazon reduced the price from $ 200 to $ 0.99, and a year later completely discontinued the product. This was one of the biggest failures from Amazon. According to analysts’ estimates, the losses from the project were worth $ 170 million.

Amazon launched online fashion retailer in 2007 as its first standalone brand for online shopping outside of The focus was on shoes and accessories.

However, closed in 2012 and visitors to that address are now redirected to

Amazon Game Studios

In 2012, Amazon created its own studio for the production of computer games. Jeff Bezos envisioned Amazon Game Studios as a successful and efficient part of the corporate ecosystem. But the game received devastating reviews from the press and gamers. A week after the release, the audience of the game on Twitter dropped to 1000 viewers, and literally six months later, in October 2020, support for Crucible was discontinued.

Amazon Restaurants

Amazon Restaurants is a service that specializes in delivering freshly prepared meals from restaurants. In London, the service was launched in 2016 and ceased operations in 2018. Amazon did not comment on the closure, possibly due to the competitive UK food delivery market.

Amazon Webstore

Amazon once owned a platform that allowed small and medium businesses to set up their own store and sell products online. In 2015, Amazon announced that the Webstore would be closed for a year. Later, the retailer entered into a partnership with Shopify, in which it attracts customers to the services of this company.

Amazon Local

Amazon Local’s “hot deals” site, reminiscent of Groupon and LivingSocial, also shut down in 2015.

As we can see, without innovation, and therefore experimentation, it is impossible to move forward and make a breakthrough. Do you know of other failed projects from Amazon? Share your opinion in the comments below! I would be happy to answer any questions or submit your project to my team at Astorts Group for evaluation. Astorts Group will provide expert knowledge and provide comprehensive support for the start of your business.

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