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Mastercard will allow payments in cryptocurrency

The international payment system Mastercard is ready to allow transactions with multiple cryptocurrencies in 2021. This was reported on the official website of the corporation.

MasterCard Worldwide or MasterCard Incorporated is an international payment system, a transnational financial corporation uniting 22 thousand financial institutions in 210 countries of the world.

 “This is a big change that will take a lot of work. Digital assets are becoming an increasingly important part of the fintech world. For complete clarity, not all of today’s cryptocurrencies will be supported on our network,” explained Raj Damodaran, Executive Vice President of Mastercard for Digital Assets, Blockchain Technologies and Partnerships.

The specific list of cryptocurrencies has not yet been disclosed, but it is clarified that the choice will be made in favor of those that are safe for Mastercard users. The payment system is also exploring the possibility of launching new digital currencies.

“Mastercard is actively engaging with several major central banks around the world as they are considering plans to launch new digital currencies called CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) to offer their citizens a new way to pay,” added Damodaran.

For this purpose, there was created a platform for banks to test the use of digital currency in a simulated environment.

Bitcoin rise

This news triggered a new rise in Bitcoin prices. According to CoinDesk, the cryptocurrency has set a new high of $ 48,925.53 at its peak.

Also, the oldest American bank BNY Mellon announced that it is developing a platform for storage and operations with digital assets, including cryptocurrency.

The active growth in the value of bitcoin started at the beginning of the week after Tesla invested $1.5 billion in it and announced that it would accept cryptocurrency as payment for its products. Since the beginning of 2021, the cost of bitcoin has already added 69%.

The fintech market started out with digital payments and now includes a huge number of services and financial products. With the use of smartphones and the mobile internet, many financial services are now delivered remotely. Online you can get a loan, make a purchase, buy insurance, open an account, order a card. The revolution in technologies for analyzing big data and predictive analytics, the proliferation of neural networks has made it possible to develop electronic services that surpass the analytical capabilities of a person.

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