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China’s economy grows

China’s economy grows in post-Covid comeback

Against the background of growing interest in the Chinese market, over the past year, investments of global investors in Chinese […]

Chinese money

Should you take a portfolio of Chinese stocks?

Chinese stocks: is it worth taking their portfolio? Read in my article the features of the Chinese stock market, its […]

bitcoin money

How is China using blockchain?

One of the key elements of new financial technologies is blockchain. Many countries around the world are successfully applying this […]


How does China use blockchain?

We are moving towards decentralized financial system and blockchain trend is very popular among many countries. Let’s see on China […]


China finally recovers from coronavirus and reports over 3% growth

China reports continuous growth of 3,2% after the pandemic crisis which will have a ripple effect in several other economies […]

coronavirus in China

Is coronavirus an end to China Global Era? Who will be a new player?

China was known for its financial dominance over the decades. It was the largest manufacturer of products and goods over 30 […]

Disadvantages of Doing Business in China

An opportunity to operate a business in China is highly attractive for investors. In my previous articles I explained a […]


How Does China implement Blockchain?

Meanwhile other countries analyzing a possibility to launch their own cryptocurrency, China is already implementing blockchain technology in numerous ways. China looks to become a world leader in blockchain. Let’s see how China managed to apply blockchain technology!

China’s Central Bank is Ready to Launch Cryptocurrency

It was announced that China’s central bank is ready to launch a state-backed cryptocurrency and hand it out to several biggest institutions in the country, according to Forbes.