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Basic things about Angel Investing you should know

My subscribers often ask me questions about angel investing and I want to share with you the most frequent ones.

Is peer-to-peer lending classified as alternative investment?

The rise of fintech has made it possible to connect investors with borrowers through platforms. The loan originator can approach a Peer-to-peer (P2P) platform and request to place its loans on the platform for investing.

Will Belarus be the next Bitcoin Heaven?

Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko signed a new decree that legalises initial coin offerings and transactions in crypto-currencies, including their exchange for traditional currencies on Belarussian exchanges. 

How does Cryptocoin Mining work and is it worth your time to mine for cryptocoins?

Cryptocoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the blockchain, and also the means through which new cryptocoin are released. 

Bankers to move hundreds of staff to Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg on Brexit.

Last year’s Brexit vote brought about competition amongst the European cities which has made it possible to lure jobs away from London and as a result, staffs of International banks are being moved to Frankfurt, Dublin and Luxembourg.

Restaurant Business is one the most lucrative Investments in London.

If your dream was to ever make money from restaurant business then you couldn’t possibly pick any other city in the world than Britain’s pride; London. Restaurant business is one the most lucrative investments you can venture into in Europe and of all the bubbling cultures and cities, London remains first amongst equals. The rich city is a sure bet considering how it guarantees maximum (ROI) returns on investment.

How to benefit from Moscow real estate?

For last few years Russia has been considered to be not a very stable market and place to invest. The reason is the economical crisis of 2008-2009 when Russian economy seemed to be crushed. Nowadays it’s much more different and the tendency is that the economy is growing and is becoming more and more stable. That is why now it could be the best time to invest in Russia and to buy real estate in Russia, specially in Moscow: prices are not very high and the income you may receive from letting your flat is not bad at all! This tendency can be easily observed in the real estate market. There are more and more new houses and residential compounds being built lastly and that means that there is an huge demand.