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Space-saving packing tips for men

Space-saving packing tips

Whether you are trying to pack light or are simply attempting to fit everything you need, the space-saving tips will be useful for you. You will know how to optimize your suitcase’s space and pack your belongings the best way. Check out my hacks below and pack your suitcase like a pro.

Choose the right suitcase

Choose a light suitcase with a hard exterior, which will help protect your stuff and keep your suitcase slim. It is difficult to overstuff a suitcase with a hard case, so your carry on will always fit nicely in the airplane’s overhead compartment.

Use a glasses case to store small items

Use a hard glasses case for jewellery, medication or other small items to keep them from being knotted with other things or floating around in your bag. You can use other empty containers as well.

Pack only essential skincare products

Choose only essential items and leave “just in case” toiletries and cosmetics at home. When you are on a trip, you don’t need a lot of stuff like this anyway.

Use travel-sized bottles for everything

Don’t pack full-size bottles, because you won’t use a huge amount of anything on a trip. Buying all your toiletry essentials in travel-sized bottles isn’t cost-effective. Save some money and buy empty travel-sized containers, which you can fill with your toiletries at home. Travel-sized liquids is a must if you are going to pack only a carry on.

Cover your shoes with a shower cap

It can help save space and keep your suitcase and clothes clean. If you cover shoes properly, you can put them in the best place and be sure that your garments won’t get dirty. The perfect place for shoes is at the bottom of the suitcase (when it is standing up). This way the weight of your shoes won’t push down your clothes and wrinkle them.

Buy toiletries when you get to your destination

You can save even more space if you buy toiletries on arrival, there should be a place nearby where you can buy everything you need. However, it depends on the place you are going to. In addition, this tip doesn’t work for people who are picky about their products.

Space-saving packing tips

Choose your clothes wisely                                        

You should pack clothes that mix and match well and avoid new garments because you don’t know yet how they will look or fit. The most important hack is to create a small travel wardrobe that goes a long way. Pick versatile items in neutral colours, which can be worn with many of the other garments you packed.

Consider packing cubes

Packing cubes allow you to compress as much as you can into them. Also, you can pack them side by side so there is no wasted space. Keep all your shirts in one cube, trousers in another and so on. This way you will be able to find any garment very fast. If you roll your clothes tightly without any kinks, they won’t get wrinkled. This is a big advantage, as you won’t have to iron every single item after you arrive.

Bring lightweight clothing

The best choice here is thin clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily but can be easily washed. Take advantage of wool, silk and knit pieces that can keep your suitcase light and not overstuffed.Space-saving packing tipsRoll your clothes

Rolling clothes is the best way to save space. Rolling makes it easier to see many of your items at a glance, which you can’t do when you just fold them and stack on top of each other. However, you should fold such items as sweaters and place them on top of your rolled clothes.

Wear your bulkiest items to the airport

Once you have decided on your travel wardrobe pieces, select what bulky items you will wear to the airport. It will help you save space and make your bag lighter. Keep your flip flops in the suitcase and put on your bulkiest footwear. You can also wear layers to the airport and remove some items if it gets too warm.

Store your socks inside the shoes

You should consider every inch of space, so roll up your socks and place them inside the shoes. It will help you save space and keep your socks where they belong.

Space-saving packing tips

Plan on doing your laundry

You can pack less clothes if you plan on doing your laundry. If you are travelling for 14 days or more, I recommend doing laundry at least once. There should be laundry facilities wherever you stay.

Tightly fold your underwear and socks

If you fold your underwear tightly, you can use it to fill any gaps or stuff it between other garments. You can do the same with socks (if there is not enough space in your shoes) or other small items such as neckties.

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