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How to Make Your Own Instagram AR Filters: Face Masks

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If you are selling products in Instagram, if you are an entrepreneur who keeps up with the times, or you have your own personal brand, then read this article and you will learn how to make a face mask on Instagram without a help of a developer!

Custom Instagram AR Filters are getting more and more popular among Instagram users. Developing simple Instagram masks won’t be difficult. If you want more complex 3D effects, it may take longer.

Why do you need an AR mask on Instagram?

1.Brand advertising

AR masks allow you to promote not only personal blogs, but also big brands with no additional costs. In most cases, this is an effective method of brand promotion.

2.Brand awareness

The name of the user who created the mask increases brand awareness and increase reach in general.

3.Viral effect

If people really like your mask, and they find it useful, they begin to add it to themselves.

4.Present your product

Masks can be used in models to show the product line. You can give potential clients the opportunity to “try on” a new hairstyle or jewelry – this will help increase sales;

5.Interest to the brand

Make a name face mask or add a mention of the brand or elements associated with it. This will help in building user loyalty;

The possibilities of AR Filters are endless.

Masks can be used in a variety of business areas. For example, create masks for a tattoo business with sketches of tattoos that can be “tried on” on different parts of the body. For example Kylie Cosmetics released masks that made it easier for their customers to choose the product. Users could choose the colors of lipsticks and eyeshadows that suit them.

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How to create a mask yourself?

1.Install Spark Ar Studio

Spark AR Studio is a platform where the process of creating an Instagram AR Filter takes place.

Once it was made public, everyone is coming up with new ideas.

To create a mask on Instagram, click “Create a project” in the lower right corner.

2.Add face tracker

Tracking is a kind of prototype of a human face, all applied effects can be tried on it, you can visualize the face filter on it

Then click “Add object” (add object) on the left vertical toolbar.

3.Use a face mesh

The face mesh is responsible for displaying the mask itself on the face.

To do this, click “Add Object” on the left vertical toolbar, select “Face Mesh” and click “Paste”.

4.Add a template for the mask

Add a template for the mask to which all the elements of the future effect will be attached.

Click opposite the Materials section in the right vertical menu. If you want to create something original besides the standard materials available in the program, you need to prepare the file in Photoshop. Convert files to png format before importing.

5.Test the mask

To test the mask, click on the visual simulator in the upper corner of the field.

Next, select any mobile device and test the effect.

Next, don’t forget to download the new mask to your computer. To do this, click “File”, then “Export”.

6.Go through moderation

Moderation of masks takes place on the Spark AR Hub service. To load the mask for testing, the Effect Controls (Effect Controls) tab, click the blue Load Effect button.

Select the platform for publication – on Facebook or Instagram, enter the name of the effect and click “Next”.

After verification, the mask will be published on the social network. Moderation of the effect usually occurs within a working day of one day.

Your mask is ready! Increasing awareness of your brand by bringing emotions and making your audience special is what Instagram AR Filters can do. I will be happy to answer any questions or submit your project to my team at Astorts Group for evaluation. If this article was useful to you, share it with your friends.

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