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How to choose a humido

6 tips on how to choose the right humidor

Humidors are essential for all cigar lovers as they help keep cigars in good condition for many years. You can […]

Financial scandal around Robinhood and Gamestop explained

Crypto-friendly platform Robinhood is at the epicenter of a financial scandal that threatens to overhaul Wall Street’s market practices. The […]

How to look after your m

How to look after your mental health

Depression and other mental health problems are very common nowadays. It is very important to diagnose and treat them properly, […]

How to exercise your brain

How to exercise your brain

Your brain is involved in everything you do. It can be trained like any other part of your body. Brain […]

Cigars and tea

Cigar and tea pairing guide

The classic pairings for cigars are whiskey, cognac, rum or coffee. But there is one more drink the British like […]

Best winter coats

Best winter coats for men

Winter is coming and it is very important to be fully prepared for it. Good boots, thermal gloves, nice scarf, […]

How to wear chelsea boots

The ultimate guide to Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have very simple design, but at the same time they are very comfortable and elegant. One of the […]

Asian Stock Market Review for Investors

While the backdrop of falling global markets, the activity of private investors has noticeably increased, as they perfectly understand that […]

Dubai City Guide

Dubai City Guide

Dubai is a fascinating place which you definitely should visit. Only 40 years ago it was just a small trading […]

How to dress well

How to create a successful startup?

How to start a startup? No one plans to devote months and years to a company that burns out and […]