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Success stories

Entrepreneurial Success Stories

I always like to share successful stories of famous entrepreneurs, because they are inspiring.Sometimes people can start with small projects […]

10 principles of economics

10 Principles of Economics everybody should know

Have you ever read a book by Gregory Mankiw about 10 principles of Economics?If no, I advise you to read […]

How to wear a Blazer

How to wear a Blazer

Style is very important for a businessman. First of all, you want to choose outfit you like and look good […]

Position your brand

How to position your brand in 2020

Do you have a personal brand and you are wondering how to make it more successful and set apart all […]

3 Mistakes in Startup

3 Mistakes in creating your Startup

Starting a business is tough work. There are countless obstacles that stand in your way of fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream. […]

How I lost 77 pounds in 6 months on the Keto Diet

When I look at the pictures of myself taken 6 months ago and now, I see two completely different people.The […]