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How to position your brand in 2020

Do you have a personal brand and you are wondering how to make it more successful and set apart all your competition? Then read my hottest tips for 2020 in this article!

passive income

Best ideas for passive income

If you want to start your own business without leaving your job, think about side ideas that can help you to generate financial freedom and stability!

Business advice and tips

Business Advice and Tips for Success

It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability. But it is always better to learn from more experienced entrepreneurs who already had their failures. Let’s check and analyze top advice to start and grow your business.


China Mining Domination

China’s bitcoin miners now dominate global market, they control two-thirds of the crypto network’s processing power, according to latest researches.


Does Facebook’s Libra have a solid plan?

Swiss president just announced that Libra project has failed in its current form and needs reworking to be approved. Read in my article all latest concern about future of Libra’s project.

Major technological acquisitions

Major technological acquisitions in 2019

Last year was full of integrations and acquisitions, many companies merged together to collaborate, solve all possible issues and bring better results and profit. Companies invested in martech solutions to broaden their digital capabilities. Let’s review some major acquisitions from 2019.