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China and cryptocurrency

If you are interested in cryptocurrency situation in China, then read this article! As we know, the ban on cryptocurrencies from Chinese Government had a negative effect on the cryptocurrency industry. But, there are many of reasons to stay optimistic! Let’s discover why.

recover your Instagram

How to recover your Instagram account?

Your Instagram account was blocked for some reason? Follow my steps I explain you in this article and restore it!


Everything you wanted to know about Ethereum

Today I decided to write an informative article about Ethereum for those who want to know how it works without going deep into the technical data.

personal data storage

Dark secrets about your personal data storage in Internet

Nowadays, if you use a smartphone or a credit card, it’s so easy to know if you’re pregnant or trying to lose weight, whether you’re an extrovert, what medicine you take, places you’ve been, your favourite food, etc

How to launch an e-commerce business

Do you want generate money online and have a great, passive income? Then the idea to build an e-commerce empire would work for you!

Line has launched its own e-commerce platform

Popular Messenger in Asia LINE has launched its own e-commerce platform in March, 2019. It’s called Line Shopping. The response was amazing – 2.5 million active users a month. The number of shoppers through the platform is aimed at reaching 8 million by this year.