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Business Ideas you can start online with minimum budget

If you are wondering what can you do online having minimum budget and avoiding startup costs, inventory, office, etc., then read this article – I share with you my top low investment business ideas!


All you wanted to know about Globalcoin, new Facebook cryptocurrency.

Lately Facebook announced about issuance of its own cryptocurrency.

How to do effective advertising in Instagram?

Nowadays, the most effective advertising is via social networks, but all of them are different and have different specific features. Before going deeply let’s try to understand the core of Instagram and why it has appeared and gained everyone’s hearts.

Why each stage is very important in Sales Funnel?

Let’s talk about Sales Funnel and what to do to convince your lead to buy in each stage. Do you know that 96% of your leads waiting to be convinced to buy your product? Read in this article my strategies to engage the customers at every stage.

Golden tips for successful presentation

If you are going to have a presentation soon, read this article, I will share with you my golden tips how to do it the best way possible!

Why did MasterCard start to work with Vyze

Mastercard recently announced it has acquired Vyze, an advanced technology platform that gives to the customers more choice – and purchasing power – to people who want their point-of-sale payment options to match the flexibility and convenience of today’s shopping experiences.