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How to implement AI in your business

AI represents a fantastic opportunity for companies. As AI serves to automate tasks, cut costs and improve performance, it is very handy to implement its solutions or AI technologies in your business.

Best sales engagement practices

Nowadays customers are becoming more sophisticated and it is essential to keep up with all trends to be ahead of your competitors and to use the best practices that will lead you to a win.

How to do a business survival plan

To lead a company, it is essential to have a detailed business plan to avoid any losses. Read how to do it in this article!

Ripple and India’s Federal Bank are working together For International Payments

Recently Federal Bank in India has partnered with blockchain payments company Ripple to facilitate cross-border payments.

Introduction to popular marketplaces

Multi-channel selling is the ideal option to sell, and if you want to put your business in higher level, you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and investing in new, especially in marketplaces.

6 Techniques To Make Meetings More Productive

In this article I would like to provide an interesting alternative way to have a productive meeting.

Cash flow advices. Why forecasting monthly is so important

In this article I want to share with you my knowledge about cash flow, its forecasting, and why it should be done monthly.

passive income

Facebook Messenger Marketing & Chatbots

Read this article and you find out what role chatbots play, and how you can use these tactics.