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Employee Retention tactics

Employee retention strategy should be every organization’s list of top priorities and creating effective retention strategies to decrease turnover should be one of management’s most important jobs.

Why Bitcoin deserves the attention it’s gotten.

There was a problem Bitcoin solved in a very genius way. The problem was to create a transparent currency that no institution controlled as well as its transactions.

How to sell online. Social selling techniques

In this article I would like to share with you some traditional marketing techniques that you can use in modern digital channels can help you to boost online sales.

What Great Leaders Do

In this article I want to share my knowledge and practice of being a leader. Many great leaders have specific things in common what means that all this can be learned and developed—by you!

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it destroys?

For the business, artificial intelligence implementation and machine learning processes have many opportunities to grow and work smarter.

How to write a business book

If you ever thought about writing a business book this guide will get you there.

The future of Real-Time Payments

This year significant changes to real-time payments will be as merchants and billers, like utilities and health insurers, will begin promoting real-time.

5 ways to get cash flow into your business

If your customers are slow payers and you want to prevent all problem this may cause you – here are some tips that help you to manage the cash flow in your business.