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Digital Marketing Trends You Must Use

I am often asked from my subscribers about new trends in digital marketing that is more advanced and innovative than ever before! I like reviewing innovation in marketing and see what is hot. In this article I want to share with you the most effective tips I have used.

How can Artificial Intelligence affect your business?

For the business, artificial intelligence implementation and machine learning processes have many opportunities to grow and work smarter. If we react and implement it quickly, study all opportunities for growth and prepare ourselves, it will help to adapt easily and avoid any risks of moving forward.

Basic things about Angel Investing you should know

My subscribers often ask me questions about angel investing and I want to share with you the most frequent ones.

Business advice and tips

5 Simple rules for productivity

With millions things to do,  departments to coordinate, business meeting to set up and so on, I came to a point when I had to start managing my time more efficiently and today I want to share with you some basic steps to be done if you want to be an effective entrepreneur.