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neva - How to benefit from Moscow real estate?

How to benefit from Moscow real estate?

For last few years Russia has been considered to be not a very stable market and place to invest. The reason is the economical crisis of 2008-2009 when Russian economy seemed to be crushed. Nowadays it’s much more different and the tendency is that the economy is growing and is becoming more and more stable. That is why now it could be the best time to invest in Russia and to buy real estate in Russia, specially in Moscow: prices are not very high and the income you may receive from letting your flat is not bad at all! This tendency can be easily observed in the real estate market. There are more and more new houses and residential compounds being built lastly and that means that there is an huge demand.

ccd8c4ef bd02 4191 9710 183e0438f3eb - 5 tips to become a super-boss

5 tips to become a super-boss

To be the “boss” doesn’t only mean to be the CEO of your company, you also need to be a good boss and great leader to make your workers like you. That will not only be good for you and your relations inside the company, but also will make your firm developing and growing. In fact it is not very difficult, let me give you some tips how to be a superhero for your employees.

4869d599 8e3f 411d b29e 700abfc9186f scaled - How to be financially independent?

How to be financially independent?

That question is on the agenda for almost all the people. The most strange thing is that there is no any dependence between people’s income and their debt-freedom. There are a lot of people who may seem quite poor but they don’t have any debts and have enough money for everything they need and there area lot of examples of those who earn millions but have to cover their debts all the time. So that is why this question is interesting for everybody. Let’s find out how to be independent!

d236bbaf a694 4355 baee e784d1d4840c - How to engage with your customers?

How to engage with your customers?

It’s a well-known fact that the product must be popular with customers to be bought. And to become popular it must be good enough so that people would trust you and your production.

But you can’t make people trust you in one moment, because there a quite big job must be done. There are some strategies that can help you promote your product.

dfd06f4e 9d53 4a6b b101 9fd1d4858fec - What are the main trends in investments nowadays?

What are the main trends in investments nowadays?

Everybody knows what is investment. And every entrepreneur is thinking about the best investment to benefit as much as possible. Normally businessmen try to count all the costs and try to predict which project will be successful in future,  but recently all the giants of business have focused on the environmental issues. Such people like Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg and even Bill Gates invested great sums of money to make a new fund of low carbon energy. Moreover, the general tendency is that people, thinking about environment, begin to use renewable sources of energy, like solar plants etc.

ffd838d9 8447 48d9 94f3 0c9f45fe7b7d - Rich people vs poor people: the main difference

Rich people vs poor people: the main difference

Nowadays there is a great division between rich and poor people and it is quite obvious. We usually judge the people’s fortune basing on some material things they own, for example cars, houses, yachts or etc. But the main thing is the difference between the minds of poor and rich people. Theythink differently. Let us understand what are the brightest traits of these two types of people.

photo 2017 02 06 17 58 18 - Widespread mistakes in online business

Widespread mistakes in online business

Nowadays more and more companies are moving their business to the Internet. Online business has a lot of advantages, it is much cheaper and much more effective. Moreover, you can use also social networks, blogs, and special forums work on you and this way broaden your sphere of your influence.

Almost all the entrepreneurs understand the importance of the Internet and web-business but much less know the rules and key points of working online, they start and make a lot of mistakes, both novices and people with great experience. Let’s talk about these mistakes.

photo 2017 02 03 16 27 14 - FOR SALE!


The key part of every business is selling and buying of goods and services. That is why to succeed as a businessman you have to understand how to sell your product.

It is quite difficult to be an innovator in selling because it is one of the things that appeared almost simultaneously with the people – from the very beginning people sold and changed their things to some other that they needed. But obviously every generation has its own tendencies about everything and business and selling is not an exception.