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36e1a046 8a33 4850 b89d bc61afe2b936 - Do you know how outsourcing can speed up your business?

Do you know how outsourcing can speed up your business?

You are an entrepreneur. It is not important either you already have a business or only think about setting a company – the system of your business and the structure of the firm is almost the same. There is some list of people you need to work with you, but it is not a typical team. It should be a team on a distance. Nowadays many companies or individual entrepreneurs prefer to work with freelancers because it is quite convenient and can save you some money. 

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Are you a real CEO?

Nowadays in many countries of our world a lot of people open their own companies. It is quite logical: setting a company doesn’t take a lot of time and much money and almost everybody can register business and start calling himself or herself a CEO. But a real CEO should have some features and qualities that distinguish him or her from the people who are entrepreneurs only on paper. 

c4e1aedb d246 48b9 8757 740f69bab7d5 - Step by step growing your business

Step by step growing your business

Thousands of start-ups are created every day all over the world. People want to have their own business because they know about the advantages of being an entrepreneur. But only a small part of this projects are successful. Why? Idea is not enough, even it is good you have to take into account some more points and some steps that are integral parts of the process of growing business.

07654dd1 451d 495b 979a 9362e74a9939 - A way to success

A way to success

I already wrote an article about what is it to be an entrepreneur and now I would like to talk about success in general. A lot of successful entrepreneurs, owners of some small business or chairmen of big international corporations, usually give some advice to public. Everybody wants to know what is the secret of success and how to become a winner, but actually all the things entrepreneurs share with audience are quite obvious and each person can learn these skills.

5afa1d88 17e9 4b36 b1ee 42e2974d91f0 - Let’s make America great again!

Let’s make America great again!

Today is a very important day for the United States of America – the day of inauguration of the 45th president of the country Donald Trump. There are lots of debates among people about him, some citizens like him, some of them hate and protest. But I’m not going to go deep into politics, I just want to say a couple of words about the country which is going to make a step into a new age. 

a6ae92c5 1422 463b b812 5d655bd97553 - A job of your dream – is it good?

A job of your dream – is it good?

Job is one of the most meaningful things in our lives. I mean that a person spends the majority of his or her time working and that is why it is very important to find a right job. There is a great variety of different professions and everybody can chose anything on his or her taste but we all should remember that professions are popular and not popular and also there are some professions that can disappear in a couple of decades. 

image1 - Is it possible to reanimate an unprofitable business?

Is it possible to reanimate an unprofitable business?

There are a lot of ideas and business projects in the world that are made every day, but obviously not all of them are successful. To make your business profitable you have not only to set up a company but work on it every day unless you will fail.

63864efc 9b2b 460b 8b39 eed73eba2184 - What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

Speaking about entrepreneurship many people think that these people do nothing but travel and spend money. Well, if you are an entrepreneur you are really free, you can travel and have some income without sitting in office, but the stereotype that entrepreneurs don’t work is not true.

6bfbf8c8 30ab 4f6b 9fbb fc2e3da0133f - Give it up!

Give it up!

In all  my articles I repeat the phrase “don’t give up” and now I’d like to tell you about the things that you have to give up to become successful. 

4e1f648f 7ce2 41a9 b4f1 fa262a312905 - What is the most important skill for an entrepreneur?

What is the most important skill for an entrepreneur?

This skill is public speaking. Yes, that may seem strange but that thing can help you. In one of my previous articles I already wrote about being confident (that only being confident of your success you can benefit and grow your business and if you lack confidence you have to seem confident) and public speaking is part of confidence.