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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year, from all my staff and I.I hope […]

Confidence of success is almost success

Talking about growing business and success many people make lists of important qualities of entrepreneur and things to be done. Surprisingly but such feature of character as self-confidence quite usually stays in a shade. It’s a huge mistake, because lack of confidence can prevent your business from expanding.

5 Proverbs From Over The World That Will Bring You To Success

There are a lot of people who are satisfied with their life in general: they have a house, a car, good job, big family, they travel a lot and seem to  enjoy everything in their life. Their schedule is full of different activities from job to a weekend golf-play. So we could say that these people are successful. But is their life full? 

Why it is important to know the rules of PR?

In our digital age it is quite obvious that if you are an entrepreneur you can’t do well without any knowledge of PR. Publicity is an integral part of each business and all the entrepreneurs should pay attention to it. 

How to prepare to 2017 in terms of business?

The New Year is coming, and all the people started discussing the old year and concluding the results. But there is one thing that is more important than the old year is the new one! You’re going to go on with your business, but new year brings new opportunities, so you have to forget about all the things that you didn’t make in the way you wanted to and start making a new list of plans and start a year with a clean slate. 

How to grow your business?

To grow your own business you have to do your best and remember about some common mistakes that are usually made by novice entrepreneurs. Let’s find out what should you do to grow your business!

5 fears you may face expanding your business

You are an entrepreneur and you have your business. But it is very important to grow and extend your business and you probably know how to do it but here you can face some fears. Let’s talk about them and find out how to overcome them!