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What makes Singapore the second best city for doing business after London?

Singapore has been recently ranked second as the most favourable city for doing business, just after London.

Why one should become an entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just about earning loads of money, freedom and having no bosses. It is just the brighter side of the picture which most of us like to stare at because end result is what matters to most of us.

Why rich people think differently as compared to the middle class?

Excelling at the money game has strong relation with the mindset and your approach to it. Your decisions are dictated by what you hold in the back of your mind and have repercussions over your life. 

Why 9 to 5 isn’t the best option for your Corporate Manager working hours?

Traditionally, corporate employees and managers have been made to work 9to5, spending 8 hours in meetings, conference calls, emails and meeting the deadlines. Most managers observe that their energy level isn’t consistent throughout the day, and that there are times when they find themselves more focused and productive than the rest of the day. 

The Impact of being Social and developing a CEO’s Brand.

A more connected world means that relationships with the digital world are essential to your business success. And when we talk about the development of relationships the most important part needs to be played by the CEO and he can do this by being social.