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What are the main trends in investments nowadays?

Everybody knows what is investment. And every entrepreneur is thinking about the best investment to benefit as much as possible. Normally businessmen try to count all the costs and try to predict which project will be successful in future,  but recently all the giants of business have focused on the environmental issues. Such people like Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg and even Bill Gates invested great sums of money to make a new fund of low carbon energy. Moreover, the general tendency is that people, thinking about environment, begin to use renewable sources of energy, like solar plants etc.

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Experience is all what matters!

What is a measure of success? The question is quite difficult but you probably answered that a successful person is one who has a house, a flat and a car. Well, that could be true ten or twenty years ago, but the things has completely changed.

You can be surprised, but nowadays material things are not a measure of success and even not the subject of investment. The values has become absolutely different. 

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