Do you know how outsourcing can speed up your business?

You are an entrepreneur. It is not important either you already have a business or only think about setting a company – the system of your business and the structure of the firm is almost the same. There is some list of people you need to work with you, but it is not a typical team. It should be a team on a distance. Nowadays many companies or individual entrepreneurs prefer to work with freelancers because it is quite convenient and can save you some money. There are some specialists you can’t do without but you shouldn’t hire them to your team, because you need their service only from time to time and it is better to make it a project work. Let’s see the list of professionals you may need:

1.    Accountant

Obviously you need an accountant or some other person who can deal with your finance and taxes. But do you need him or her full time? It is better to ask for some help or advise from time to time.

2.    Social media manager

You can’t promote your company without such a professional, but you do not need promotion all the time. You can work with some special agencies where are the people who can help you with social media, writing blog posts, making advertising and supporting your pages on Facebook or Linked In for example.

3.    Writer

This position is almost the same with SMM, but is more specific. Even if you write for your blog yourself, it is a good idea to co-operate with writers who can make a good-quality text for you.

4.    Web-designer

More likely that you can support your web-site yourself but do you need do spend your time on it if there can be a special person for making web-site design and filling it with proper information?

5.    Assistant

Usually it is better to have an assistant in office with you but it is not obligatory – you can work on a distance, the reason is that all the work is on-line : arranging meetings, dealing with your e-mail, booking hotels for your business trips, looking for some useful articles or other information you may need. All these things your assistant can do from any part of the world having only computer and internet access.

The world is not staying in one point, it is developing every day. Sitting in office is becoming less and less popular, as well as hiring all the specialists you may need once. Keep in step with the times, start working with freelancers and your business will go better for sure!