Confidence of success is almost success

Talking about growing business and success many people make lists of important qualities of entrepreneur and things to be done. Surprisingly but such feature of character as self-confidence quite usually stays in a shade. It’s a huge mistake, because lack of confidence can prevent your business from expanding.

Of course not all the people are self-confident and it is quite difficult to change your character if you are not, but you can always seem confident during your negotiations with partners or clients. There are some tips that will help you.

1.    Effective voice

One of the most important things to make an impression of a very self-confident person is your voice. People are listening to you and you should make them like you and believe you.

·       Loudness

If you speak too softly nobody will hear you or pay attention to what you say. Analyze the number of people and the size of the room you are speaking in and try to sound loudly enough.

·       Clearness

There is no need to explain the importance of clear speech. Nobody likes to listen to something incomprehensible.

·       Pitch

Psychologies say that lower pitch commands more confidence and grabs more attention. Of course you can vary your pitch depending on the situation, context or just not to sound too monotonous.

2.    Appearance

People do not only listen to you they also see you, so you have to look confident.

·       Posture

You should sit or stay straight keeping your head up. It’s also better to put your shoulders back and breath deeply.

·       Clothes

The second part of appearance is your clothes. It shouldn’t be too formal (unless you take part in some very important negotiations), but not too casual too. Try to find harmony between these styles that would let you feel comfortable. If you don’t know what clothes to chose it’s better to prefer dark colors. People usually associate them with strength, power and confidence.

3.    Calm

Try to evade nervous behavior. For the people it is quite easy to understand if their interlocutor is nervous. Of course, nervous people can’t make an impression of confidence. Don’t cross your arms, avoid nervous gestures and make an eye-contact.

4.    Pose

One more thing about pose – but now it’s not about appearance but about the full picture you are trying to draw. All your poses should seem powerful. Don’t stay in a corner as you are afraid of something, don’t be too shy to be in the center of everybody’s attention, you can put your hands on the hips and put the elbows out, or stand by the table putting your hands on it.

To sum it up it is not very difficult to make an impression of a very self-confident person, you just have to take into account all these tips and practice a little. Good luck!