Experience is all what matters!

What is a measure of success? The question is quite difficult but you probably answered that a successful person is one who has a house, a flat and a car. Well, that could be true ten or twenty years ago, but the things have completely changed.

Now you quite rarely can meet a young person (by “young” we mean less than thirty-five years old) who is interested in spending money on material things like houses or cars.

You can be surprised, but nowadays material things are not a measure of success and even not the subject of investment. The values has become absolutely different.

Why should you buy a car if you can use taxi? The system is the same, the price is also not higher than to own a car, and you don’t have to think about its technical support, gas and parking place. Convenient, isn’t it?

Why should you buy a flat if you can rent it? And you will not care about buying furniture and many other things. Moreover, you can easily move to another apartment if you need to change area or even city because of work or family or any other consequences.

Why should you buy a house in a beautiful place if there is always an opportunity to rent any house you like in any part of the world to go on holiday, and this way you will not be thinking about the conditions of the house when you are not living there.

Besides, almost all the material things that you buy are getting older and can be absolutely useless.

So, that all means that the young generation tries to be independent not only financially but geographically as well. You are free to travel or even to move – so you are becoming a world citizen.

So what is the measure of success on youth’s opinion?

They do invest. But they are investing not in houses or cars but in themselves, they spend money on the things that help them grow. They study all the time, trying to learn more and more; they travel a lot – seeing new countries and meeting people of other culture also broadens their mind and that’s the goal. The most important things are your knowledge and life experience. People that you meet are not interested in houses or flats that you own, but they will listen to you if you tell them some stories of your travelling for example.

Previous generations didn’t usually have such opportunities as we do. They couldn’t travel a lot and not all of them were able to study, so they invested in what they thought was important.

The times have changed and the priorities have changed as well. So what is your opinion? How would you invest? It’s up to you to decide!