A list of lists

Our life is full of different events and affairs. Depending on your job you have to remember a lot. There are many different things a successful entrepreneur should do and to be sure that nothing important would be lost it’s better to make lists.


What kinds of lists should you write?

1.    The list of your investors

Setting up the company you have to find some investors. Of course you can remember all off them if the company is not very big, but in future it can be difficult. Moreover, you have to add your potential investors to your list.

2.    The list of your partners

We think we should not explain why you need to have a list of your business-partners with all their contact information.You can add some potential partners to this list as well.

3.    The list of your clients

It is quite important to make a list of your potential clients even before starting a business. It will help you to answer the question “Why do I produce that?”.

4.    The list of journalists

Each business needs to be advertised, so you need to have some journalists who can help you with pictures, slogans or even articles for your blog. Also you can add to this list some journalists you want to know (for example if they are writing about the sphere you are working in).

5.    CEO friends

If you have some friends who rule their own business they can help you in many cases: consult you if you have questions about setting up your business, give useful advise and introduce you to some people you can work with.

6.    The list of people

Let us explain. By “list of people” we mean potential workers. There can be people you know or some talented professionals you don’t know but want them to work on you.

7.    The “to-do” list

There can be two different lists : the list of short-term affairs that must be done in few days and the list of long-term affairs that should be done in a month (half a year, a year etc.). That will help you to organize your time and not to forget about different things.

8.    Talking points

Of course if you are an entrepreneur you always have a lot of topics to discuss with your investors, partners on employees. Making a list of talking points that are on the agenda you will not forget anything.

9.    E-mails that need action

It means that sometimes you can’t answer the e-mail immediately because you have to make a research or do a lot of other important work. So it is better to make a list of these e-mails to be sure that everybody will get their answer.

10.    Blog posts to write

You can find some ideas for blog posts in any time, so not to forget them it is better to fix all the ideas in one list. You don’t need to write the whole text there, just some ideas and key-points that will help you to make a good article in future.

11.    Business ideas

Your business have to develop permanently so you have to implement new ideas. You can’t use all the ideas in one moment, that is why it’s better to make a list of them and use when needed.

12.   Marketing ideas

There should be another list of ideas about marketing. If you created some good advertising or slogan or whatever you should better put it into this list.

13.   Books to read

This point is the last but not the least. Everybody knows that books broaden our mind and it is very important if you are an entrepreneur. You can make a list of important books to remember all of them and read without looking for a useful book.

These lists can help you to plan your time and succeed as an entrepreneur. Good luck!