8 Misconceptions Of Entrepreneurs

There are lots of stereotypes in our life, but not all of them are true. These stereotypes are being discussed by the people and that’s how misconceptions appear.

Entrepreneurship is one of the topics for such discussions and of course there are many misconceptions.

Here is the list of them:

1.    You have to be born an entrepreneur to be one.

No, you don’t have to. If you read some articles on personal psychology you’ll know that each personality is a thing that is constantly changing, so everybody can become almost anything, all depends only on the person. Of course, some initial ground is important, but it signifies nothing if the person doesn’t work on himself (herself).

2.    There is no place for fair play.

A lot of people think that to succeed as an entrepreneur you have to steal or cheat, but that is not true. Sometimes cheating is a faster way to reach your goal, but can you call it a success if you were not fair? Moreover, sometimes cheating can be illegal, so if you don’t want to have problems or even go to prison you have to play by the rules.

3.    All you need is an idea.

Even if you think that your idea is absolutely brilliant, it means nothing if you don’t work on it. A lot of people have good ideas, less try to develop them and much less succeed. Of course a good idea is important, but it will not help you if you don’t act.

4.    They got lucky.

People usually think that all the entrepreneurs are those who found the bean in the cake, but very often it is a mistake. You will never sign a pact without knowing anything about the company and the field it is working in. The more you know the more likely you will get some very good contract.

5.    Entrepreneurs are selfish.

If you are an entrepreneur probably you have an office and a team. The money that your company earns is not completely yours. You have to pay for the office, you have to pay to your co-workers, so how can you be selfish if you have so many things to take care of?

6.    You need to have great initial connections.

Well, connections are very important and it is great if you have them, but don’t be afraid if at the beginning of your career you don’t have them. If you are working hard and going straight to your dream, people will notice you and you will get connections.

7.    Entrepreneurship is risky.

Yes, that is true. There are a lot of people who started their business and lost everything in one moment. And nobody is immune to failure, so maybe your first try will not be successful. But you will not succeed for sure if you even don’t try.

8.    Entrepreneurs are their own boss.

It is only half true. If you are an entrepreneur you can plan your working schedule by yourself and make different decisions but there is another aspect. You have to think about your employees and clients and you rely on them, so it is possible to say that they are your boss.

I hope that these tips will be useful for you, and will change your opinion about entrepreneurship. Who knows, maybe these eight points will help you to start your business and succeed!