How does multitasking affects our productivity

How does multitasking affects our productivity

Today I want to discuss our productivity, as its highly important factor that help us to grow, complete projects and bring results at our workplace.

It’s not difficult to guess that multitasking actually destroys productivity. Let’s see why, how to avoid it and stay concentrated!

Different studies show that it negatively affects our brain and in the long-term people are struggling to differentiate relevant from irrelevant things. In my point of view multitasking is unproductive because we start to perform less quality work, make more mistakes, and lose more money at the end.

So, remember you can bring the best results and be best version of you only if you are concentrated and focused on one thing!

To stay so concentrated and keep the focus you can do the following

1.Prioritize things

Separate relevant and irrelevant things, prioritize them, write it down in paper, make to-do list and don’t forget pick out things you have already done.

2. Delegate task to your team

Team work means better results – delegate some task to your team, choose a responsible person and check the progress. It is also a good idea to set deadlines for each project. Don’t forget to motivate your team and encourage best employees – thus they feel more engaged and motivated to do more.

3. Turn of unnecessary notifications

During your work process try to avoid little distractions. Don’t switch your attention on unnecessary things such as emails and notifications, because it is highly difficult to recover the focus from unintended things, more difficult than you even can imagine.

These were my thoughts about multitasking and how negatively it can affect your productivity and your team in general. Share your ideas how to avoid it with me in the comments below! If you have your question, I would be glad to answer it or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated