Easy secrets about promotion in Instagram

Easy secrets about promotion in Instagram

If you have any online business, then promoting in Instagram can bring you amazing results – boost your sales, hence, profit, gain visibility, followers, reputation, engagement, etc. Read this article and my tips will help you to get ahead!

Nowadays Instagram is one of the winning platforms where you can perform different experiments, interact with your audience, sale, show yourself and your business, earn money and do many things – the list is countless. It is unbelievable that from just photo sharing platform an Instagram converted to a magic lamp, so use it wisely and enjoy your journey in your business world!

1. Get influencers to promote your brand

One of the strategies I advise my clients to do is to choose influencers and collaborate with them in Instagram in order to promote your brand. There are different platforms where you can choose them, the most important is to check before their followers and how are they engaged, because false followers don’t bring you any effect, nor sales. False followers is easy to buy, but to get the real ones is a hard and long-term job.

2. Be active

The more active you are, the more Instagram show you to your potential customers. To be active means interact with audience by constant content posting. Don’t forget to post stories, live videos, use stickers and other tools in Stories. You can do monthly games, organise competitions and give prizes to your audience.

3. Do marketing research

As a part of planning in every business the marketing research is important in Instagram, too. Don’t forget to research your competitors, analyse their strategies, weak and strong points, understand where you can be better and offer a better product. Highlight your competitive advantages! Check their audience and think how and where you can reach it.

4. Use good quality graphic

Instagram was born as a photo sharing platform, so the visual content still matters. It is a smart idea to use graphic designer services to make your feed brighter and more attractive.

Enjoy your journey, don’t afraid to experiment, be yourself, have fun with audience, entertain and you will get the results soon! I hope you find these tips useful. Share with us any ideas that helped you to gain your followers. If you have your question, please write it below, I would be glad to answer your questions or to introduce your project to my team at astorts.com to be evaluated.