How to create funnels that drive conversions

How to create funnels that drive conversions

Today I will reveal you the most important secrets of online sales that actually work. You can use these secrets if you want to sell a book, online course, digital product, any service, consultation etc.

This article will be useful for anyone who has business online and interested in boosting sales rather then burning their money on paid Ads. If you will integrate into your business strategy a creative funnel the results will be shocking – I promise up to 90% engagement. I bet you know that automation is a key, and funnels can work while you are sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, paid Ads can really work in some cases, especially if you want to boost traffic, raise brand awareness, etc. But if you want to see numbers, people who actually buy a product, especially if its any digital service, you have to understand –they need to

  • get to know you

  • start to believe you, trust you. You only can build a trust by offering free samples, free lessons as a part of the whole course, free webinar.

  • be engaged

  • be interested

Let’s try to answer a simple question together – if just a paid Ad can do all these steps? The answer is obvious… No. But I have a solution for you – you can create a sale (email) 5-days funnel that can nurture your leads and transform them to real customers in 5 days let’s say (depends on you). For me a funnel is a well-designed customer journey. You create it once, it works for you always. Sounds good, right?

Let’s talk about funnel structure I prepared for you. This structure was prepared by professional marketers and it really works, so no need to create new one.

1. Prospecting – building a conversational connection

2. Consideration/remarketing – tapping into that engaged audience with conversation

3. Conversion – making a sale

4. Customer care/notifications – nurturing your customers post-sale

5. Remarketing – Bringing things back to their attention for more and deeper engagement. Your remarketing pitch can include things like blog content, coupons, deals, discounts, giveaways, contests, quizzes, downloads, etc.

Then comes the most interesting and creative part – you have to design your funnel creating dialogues, targeting your audience, retargeting that audience, and watching the conversions roll on in.

This is how you can create a powerful funnel that drives conversions. I hope my article will inspire you through your journey to success! If you have any questions, please write it below, I would be glad to answer it or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.