Building an omnichannel strategy

Building an omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel is the one of the rising stars of modern marketing. If you are a retailer, I guess you have already wondered about building an online shop. Which is great idea that absolutely has its sense - businesses must now contend with electronic devices. But the most difficult and the most important is to build a smooth and well-going transition between these channels. Read in this article how to do it and not to lose any customer trying.

In simple words omnichannel is an opportunity that businesses give to their customers to purchase whenever and wherever they want – online channels and offline points of sale, opportunity to order online and pick the product in offline POS or vice versa.

If your aim is long-term success and building a strong and stable business, then omnichannel strategy is a must for you. Check my tips how to do it.

1. Synchronization and integration

The most important thing before start is to think how would you integrate the data of your stock to all channels. The data should be automatically updated from each channel, whether it is offline point of sale or an online store, so it is important to have professional developers who can create APIs or other methods to keep all stock in one place and share access to each channel. Once you do it, you win a battle!

2. Communication between departments

It is clear that there will be different division for traditional businesses as offline retail and e-commerce department. Try to make sure they share the data in transparent way. Restructure tasks based on customer or market groups. Thus, you create a more seamless interaction as everything is focused on delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer.

3. Choosing a channel

Start with few channels to master your sales, and then add more complicated ones. I would advice marketplaces at the last stage, only after you know for sure your stock is synchronizing correctly and every detail is well planned. Prioritize your channels – if you see that one of your channels is making good sales, focus more on it.

If you’re going to master your omnichannel retail strategy, it’s not enough that you just establish your presence on multiple channels, its all about seamless transition between them and making better the customer’s experience.

What do you think is the most difficult in omnichannel retail? What problems have you faced trying to build it? If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer it or introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.