Tips for online retailers


In this article I would like to talk about marketing strategies, namely, I will share my tips for online retailers that can do wonders for your store’s brand and reputation, separating you from your competition. If you just started online e-commerce business and don’t have so much sales, then this information is for you!

1. Reviews

Imagine you found a website you don’t know yet. The products look good, but you don’t really trust it, as you never heard about this brand before. In this case only customers reviews will help to gain trust and persuade people to buy the product. Make sure you have the right modules everywhere! You can create a special block with reviews, put modules for each product and always truck reviews on other social platform. Don’t forget to incentive your customer to leave reviews with email reminders and special discounts for next purchase.

2. Live chats

Live chat is very good idea for your business because it has multi functions – first of all it is very good for SEO and ranking as it improves friendly usability, secondly you can implement artificial intelligence bots who can offer customers its help, find orders, and so on.

3. Good photos and video content

There is no doubt that all sales come to your customer visually. We still judge the product by its cover, appearance, so make sure you have good quality photos, as they will be used in Google Shopping and other platforms. To make picture even more bright try to complement it with short videos or GIF. Nowadays there are a lot of platforms where you can create GIFs yourself!

4. Highlight your advantages

If you possess any type of certifications for your product, quality guarantees, or you work 27 per 7, don’t forget to highlight it in the main page. You customers shall find this information easily!

5. Highlight all policies

Don’t forget to highlight all policies, as well, such as refund policy – customer must be sure that if he doesn’t simply like the product, he can refund it easily. It will help to persuade them to buy your product faster.

These were my 5 top tips for e-commerce business. What about you – have you ever implemented any practices that could help you to grow your sales? If you have your question, I would be glad to answer it or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated