Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing Trends

Today I am going to analyze very controversial topic – email marketing. As many people say it’s suffering its decline and doesn’t work anymore, I am going to show you tricks and trends using which you will increase your sales and blow your competitors out of water!

1. Send relevant letters

Before start let’s think why people unsubscribe? What is the main reason? According statistics the main reason is that customer is no longer interested in your letter, this information is not relevant for him. To avoid this, think about personalization. Use their browser history to understand what they really like, study your customer’s profile, track email preferences and so on. You can even send a questionnaire from time to time to understand your customer better. So, make a proper segmentation of your customer base.

2. Dynamic content

Instead of picture that is not surprising for anyone anymore, try to go for more dynamic format like carousels, quizzes, clickable hotspots, even a small game for your subscriber can differentiate you from “one more” brand. Instead of picture format you can opt for a video content. Creating visually appealing content increases the engagement rate, it entertains.

3. Be aware how your newsletter looks like in mobile version

Nowadays there is a significant switch to mobile devices, people prefer check their emails on the way from a mobile device. That’s why it is very important point to make sure everything is visualizing correctly, and take into account the length of the email.

4. Less hard selling

Nowadays nobody likes a hard selling, instead offer your customers information, entertain them with interactive content, just keep reminding about yourself.

5. More story telling in your emails.

This is one of the marketing tends for the future. People seem to like captivating stories. Storytelling grabs your customer’s attention by engaging them and connects emotionally, builds strong bonds between you and a customer.

Do you use email marketing as a marketing tool? Do you think its effective? I am sure if you use these strategies can help boost sales significantly. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer it or introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.