Artificial Intelligence power in HR

Artificial Intelligence power in HR

It seems like world start to use all potential of artificial intelligence technologies (AI) and algorithms in various fields. In last articles I have explained the usage of AI in different areas. Let’s see how AI was implemented in HR and talent retaining.

When managing human resources AI technologies have already took their part - It can help HR to identify the talent, offer personalized approach to each employee, predict their behavior. AI can do repetitive tasks like screening resumes, answering common questions or onboarding new employees.

But there are pros and cons of AI implementation - certainly, AI has a limited power. Discover why!

AI technologies are so helpful because unlike the HR managers AI doesn’t judge based on their emotions or mood, it can’t be tired, and all these factors have significant influence on decision making. So, technologies can detect qualified candidates in a more rational way. This is one thing that AI technologies can do better than a human.

Another promising feature of technologies is that it can track and control comments made by employees. AI can recognize patterns indicating ethical lapses, workplace bullying, loss of motivation, or fraudulent behavior. This information will allow HR managers to address risks before problems really occur.

Identifying leader’s behavior

AI technologies using psychological markers and numerous psychological studies can detect leader’s behavior within the organization. HR managers can use the results of internal communication audits to improve employee engagement, align team members with organizational goals, give ambitious people more opportunities to shine, retain talent and predict employee leave.

But AI still can’t fully replace a human because there are other, non-technical skills involved, such as sociability, curiosity, and critical thinking. AI can’t detect non-verbal signals of a candidate whereas human brain can. Such algorithms lack the intuition and human imagination. HR managers can’t forget that humans are often irrational, and sometimes there is no logic involved.

What do you think about AI implementation in HR department? If you have your question, please write it below, I would be glad to answer it or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.